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Services for the Dead

Paranormal Investigation

Entity Removal / Exorcism

House / Business Clearing and Blessing

Funeral Rites

More Info coming soon!

More Info coming soon!

More Info coming soon!

More Info coming soon!

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Disclaimers: Please Read Before Booking a Service

* All bookings are set to 48 hours in advance. If you need attention before then, please email to check my availability.

* If you are interested in a service that does not yet have a 'book now button' please send an inquiry to the above email, or fill out the contact form.

* All services are intended as educational, spiritual entertainment. No service is intended to prevent, treat, cure, or diagnose any mental or physical condition or replace traditional medical care. Where appropriate, take caution and seek professional medical and mental health practitioners for advice.

* Depending on the client's needs professional, licensed care may be advised.

* Services based on mediumship, spell work, or entity removal often have unforeseen ripple effects and can take unexpected turns. This type of work is co-creative and results are based on a combination of the client's will, intention, and karma, the practitioners will, intention, and karma, the will of entities involved on the spiritual plane, and the will of Divine Intelligence. This is not a game, so approach any requests with reverence, humility, curiosity, and willingness to embrace the outcome, whatever it may be, and take responsibility for your own part you play. 

Privacy Policy

Any data collected on this site is used solely for the purposes of payment for goods or services and contact information for follow up. Neither Anima Praxis or any of its agents would disclose or sell any details about its clients without prior consent and signed release. Ie. Customer reviews or videos may be posted, if overt consent has been granted by the client. But contact information such as email, phone number, residence, nature of purchase, or details about sessions will NEVER be sold or given out unless by court order.  

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