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Anima Praxis


One-On-One Reiki Healing Sessions

The Art of Living and Dying


Non-Denominational and Interfaith Spirituality

Anima Praxis, or Spirit Practice, is the art of sacred ceremony - bringing rituals and rites to those seeking to honor and innerstand the mysteries of life. Each service is custom made to support the spiritual beliefs and ideologies of the client, welcoming all non-denominational, interfaith, and spiritually seeking individuals looking for guidance in the realms of deep healing, ancestral connecting, spirit communication, celebrations for living, and honoring for the dying.


Available services:

*Spiritual Guidance - Got questions about spirits, ancestors, magical influence, entities, and personal spell work recommendations? Are all welcomed in a consultation setting to help you clarity your spiritual or otherwise unexplainable situation. 

*Reiki / Polarity Therapy - Healing sessions available for remote, or in-person appointments. 

*Exorcism / Entity Removal - Offered as a two part service, part one is the paranormal investigation or consultation call to determine the nature of the issue. Part two is the ritual or ceremony of exorcism. This is a non-denominational service open to those who are having entity issues and don't otherwise have a priest or group to rely on spiritually.

*Custom Ceremonies - Available for Weddings, Funerals, Rites of Passage, Group Experiences, retreats, or festivals. This service is open to those looking to host an event and need help planning, officiating, or conducting ceremonies for groups of people. Ceremony is tailored to the vision and spirituality of the host. All faiths Welcome.

Led by Reverend Briana Lee, Divine Channel, Wiccan Priest, Non-Denominational Officiant, Reiki Healer, and Exorcist.


Anima Praxis is all about supporting you in your spiritual journey - in this life and into the next.

Recent Happenings

2/28/24 - Chaplain for a Day at the Minnesota House of Representatives! Recently, Briana had the opportunity to perform the opening prayer for that day's session, representing Wiccan Faith. 

2/5/24 - Rev. Briana Lee was back on GhostBox Radio, talking about Intention Setting and then went off script..... 

11/15/23 - Rev. Briana Lee was interviewed by Greg Bakun of GhostBox Radio, talking about Interfaith Exorcism. 

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