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Anima Praxis


One-On-One Healing Sessions

Radical Rites for the Living and the Dead


What is a Radical Rite?

In our modern day, we don't have formal 'Rites' of passage. Mothers give birth with little nurturing or celebration. Teens go through a change that is often treated with disdain rather than honor and bestowment of place within a community. Promotions or break-throughs are often taken to the bar for shallow libations, and becoming elderly is often equated with isolation.

In pagan traditions these life changes are viewed as an opportunity to celebrate, honor, nurture, and give support. Special ceremonies are often held to mark the passing of one cycle to the next and can make the difference between a life lived in connection with community and a life of isolation or misunderstanding. Rites of passage for these communities serves a function that deeply affects the heart, soul, and subconscious of the participants.  

It is in this sense that Anima Praxis seeks to make accessible the life-affirming tradition of sacred ceremony. What makes these rites 'radical' is that they are custom made to support the spiritual beliefs and ideologies of the client. Radical Rites with Anima Praxis means non-denominational, interfaith, spiritually connected, LGBTQ and BIPOC focused rituals for the purposes of deep healing, ancestral connecting, celebrations for living, and honoring for the dying. 


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