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About Anima Praxis


For all people to live in an inspired world full of magic and wonder where they are free to explore and connect with the wisomd of their ancestors and ancestral practices.


To connect people with the wisdom of their ancestors through meaningful ceremony and spiritual validation.


* Authenticity * Self-Awareness * Self-Discipline * Divine Connection *


Radical Rites for the Living and the Dead

Anima Praxis, or Spirit Practice, is a culmination of life long learning and experience in the realms of healing, ritual, mediumship, and occult initiation by Reverend Briana Lee. The services on this site are intended to support growth, healing, clearing, blessing, and the evolution of both human and non-human entities. The services offered here are based in Reiki, Polarity, Sound Healing, Ritual Theory, Wiccan Principles, Buddhist Concepts, Ceremonial and Folk Magic. 














About Rev. Briana Lee - Wiccan Priest, Non-Denominational Officiant, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator, exorcist, galactic mushroom, artist, mad scientist, and lovable weirdo:

When telling people about my 'magical resume' I like to start out by saying my parents met through a tarot card class my dad was teaching. That should give you a good starting point for understanding my childhood. My mom was into astrology and between the two of them, I learned about everything psychic, from divination to spirit guides. The first adult book I read, in the second grade, was 'Communion' by Whitley Striber. It was one of the first to come out about alien contact and I've had an affinity towards all things cosmic since.  When I was 14 my family found Wicca, and I was pretty much hooked on exploring everything related to magical practice. Through the course of my life my curiosity has led me to research many different religions and practices as well as create art related to my experiences.

Growing up my family meditated together and performed hands on healing on each other. At 15 I experienced deep sexual trauma that launched me into a life long journey of exploring alternative health and spiritual practices, as well as entity work and demonology. By the time I reached my 20's I was well versed in creating ritual, moving energy, removing blockages, and astral parasites. As I've gone on to study many things, but one thing seems clear - trauma is and has always been one of the hallmarks of spirit initiation. It has also been made clear to me that healing those wounds require rites of passage - an honoring of one stage to the next. This is why 'Anima Praxis' is so important, it fills a need for ritualized recognition that simply isn't discussed or given context in our current (American) society.

Providing context for 'magic':

Generally when we talk about magic, we are implying three things: a force that can be tapped into, directing that force, and creating an effect with it. For my purposes, ‘magic’ is the energy of the ‘source.’ The source of all things is infinite and generative. There are many ways to tap into this force and have been referred to as many things as different cultures attempt to explain and guide others in the ways of its working. Learning the how to solicit, recognize, and act upon the signs and symbols of this creative source allows you to:

* Create something out of nothing (When you have an idea and then acquire the tools and knowledge to construct something).

* Affect change within a situation (When you use your influence to affect other’s perspectives, opinions, emotions, or health).

* Manifest opportunity (using one’s intent to attract wealth, power, affluence, fame, romance, etc.).

* Become mentally, emotionally, and psychically stronger with practice and focus (develop a sense of control, groundedness of being, and energetic abilities).

* Co-create with the Divine (bring more intention, thoughtfulness, and manifestation in alignment with a higher power).

In this way I strive to live a magical life, full of wonder and surprises, and pass that on to my clients. This is reflected in my art, as I often start with an idea and allow the medium to reveal what ever wants to come through. I consider my art of be 'alive' in that it is imbued with my intention to allow specific energies to manifest through each piece. I've learned to detach from an expected result and instead let the art guide me and show me what it wants to be. In this way I am often surprised by the end results of my work. But the intent is always the same, to use art as a way to commune, communicate, and create an access point for higher dimensional beings to manifest in this reality. The ceremonies I offer are the same; works of art that speak on multiple levels - to the subconscious, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies to affect deep and lasting change.

Spiritual Studies:


Stargazer, Bellevue ,WA – Attended workshops on Aura’s, Crystal Healings and Spirit Channelings


Linda Green, Minneapolis, MN Wiccan Studies


Dee Millard, Edina, MN Reiki Studies


Brett Fehr, Minneapolis, MN Shamanic Study/Initiation


Paul Gaziano, Minneapolis, MN Principles for Life Mastery/Life Coaching


Reiki Practitioner, 1999

Holistic Massage Therapist, 2009

Universalist Ordination, 2011

Church of the Seven Planes Ordination, 2011

Triskellion Wicca Ordination, 2017

Sound Healing Certification 1, 2023

Reiki Master Certification, 2023

Public Group Rituals (Written and Led)

1998 – Opening and Closing Ceremonies - Pagan Pride - MN

1999 – Opening Ceremony - Pagan Pride - MN

2002 – Co-Director Ritual Committee - Sacred Harvest Festival - MN - Theme: Ancestral Archetypes / 3 Community Rituals

2003 - Persephone / Ostara Open Ritual - Lake Harriet Spiritual Community - MN

2012 - Women's Mysteries - Summerland Spirit Festival - WI

2021 - Winter Solstice - Magus Books - MN

2023 - Group Hex Breaking - Magus Books - MN

2023 - Winter Solstice - Magus Books - MN

Project History and Scope of Work:

1998 – Wicca 101 – Workshop/ In home - MN

1998 – Making Magical  Jewelry – Workshop/ Bobby Bead and Pagan Pride - MN

1999 - 2006 - Reiki / Sound Healing / Intuitive Massage Practitioner - MN

2000 - Art Show - Poppets and Magical Dolls - MN

2001 – Hand of Lakshmi - Henna Tattoos - MN

2001 – History Of Henna – Workshop/ Pagan Spirit Gathering - MN

2005 - Art Show - Rainbow Dimension - MN

2006 - 2009 - Vocalist - Different Drummers - ME

2009 - Art Show - Goddess within Collection - ME

2009 - 2016 - Certified Massage / Polarity Practitioner - ME

2006 - 2009 - Paranormal Investigations - ME

2011 - Partner Massage Workshops - WI

2012 - Marketing Director - Summerland Spirit Festival - MN

2013 - Anchor - Pagan Living TV - MN

2017 - High Priestess - Temple of Adrastos - Teaching Coven - MN

2022 - Event Coordinator at Magus Books & Herbs - MN

2022 - Art Show - Tiny Ceremonies - MN

2023 - Summer Psychic Self Defense Course - MN

2023 - Samhain Seances - Magus Books - MN

Selfie of Reverend Briana Lee
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