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Evolutionary Pagan was a monthly column for the Edge Magazine.  What started as a request to blend Pagan and New Age topics became a venue for 'The World According to Briana'. Briana is a second generation Pagan who follows a unique spiritual path.

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January 2013: 'S(ource)ry' What is a pagan? Despite the rapidly growing number of movies, books and television shows that present witches or other pagans in various situations, the portrayal often reinforces stereotypes that are inaccurate, or even harmful. Unfortunately, there is a lack of mainstream media that promotes a positive image of pagans or encourages a better understanding of paganism. Because of this, many who follow pagan traditions still experience discrimination in their day-to-day lives.
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February 2013: 'The Magicians Secret'
The practice of “magick” is one of the central concepts in Pagan traditions. Practicing magick is both a process and end result. It is part prayer, part action, part receptivity, and entirely about mastery over one’s life. The word “magick” with a “k” is used to differentiate between the “magic” of parlor tricks and the “magick” of practicing ritual to manifest an intention.
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March 2013: 'Psychic Ettiquette'
Whether you are an experienced psychic or just discovering your powers, there are a few things to keep in mind when delving into the magickal realms.
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April 2013: 'Wabi Sabi'
There are two types of initiation. One is a ceremony, ritual or test that one must undertake to join a group or hold an office. In Pagan culture, one usually commits to a group and the initiation is performed as a series of rites that highlight the transformation from seeker to dedicant to priesthood.
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May 2013: 'Celebrate Sexuality'
The pagan holiday between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice is called Beltane, or more commonly Mayday. There is a reason that “plowing the fields” is a sexual euphemism, as it was once believed that having intercourse in the fields brought fertility to the crops. This was a common practice that became ritualized on Beltane.
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June 2013: 'What Are You Waiting For?'
Validation is what draws us into groups, relationships and alliances in the first place. It’s the spark of shared ideas, experiences and emotions. But when you create a social structure that is based on external validation, it dis-empowers the individual and eventually creates opposition.
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July 2013: 'Generation (Epoch)alypse'
Collectively, my generation was raised on Mad Max, Star Wars and “Outer Limits.” Everything popular came in a spaceship, including our salvation. As a society we witnessed the birth of the expression “drank the Kool-Aid” and lost our innocence at Columbine. We have seen several wars, Y2K, 9-11, Katrina, Haiti, the Sumatra Tsunami, and now Hurricane Sandy. Collectively we've held our breath wondering: Is the Apocalypse nigh?
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August 2013: 'Befriending the Body'
AS A MASSAGE practitioner and energy healer, people come to me with all sorts of complaints, from muscle spasms to autoimmune syndromes to high anxiety. While there are thousands of different conditions, it seems that no matter what the complaint is, the way it is described is the same: my body is betraying me, I need new parts, fix me.
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September 2013: 'The Human Mystery'
A COMMON RITUAL occurrence at pagan festivals is that of the men’s and women’s mysteries. Men’s and women’s mystery rituals generally revolve around things like menstruation, childbirth and menopause for women, while the men’s ritual (I’ve been told) generally revolves around hunting, strength and protecting. Basically, they are rituals that explain and celebrate what it means to be male or female, and how it affects a person’s role in the greater community.
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October 2013: 'An It Harm None - Part 1'
A FEW MONTHS AGO, The Edge was contacted by an inmate who represented a Wiccan group at his prison. He sent an inquiry wondering if the magazine knew of any Wiccans/Pagans who would be willing to visit them. When I first heard about it, I immediately wanted to talk to the men in this group. But when I found out that the correspondence would have to be via postal mail, suddenly I found myself in a quandary.
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November 2013: 'Do as Ye Will - Part 2'
PEOPLE JOIN SPIRITUAL COMMUNITIES to enrich their lives, renew their souls and recover a sense of wholeness that is often lost with trauma. I would like to think that Pagans, as a community, are inclusive and compassionate. I know that there are a lot of people in recovery who seek spiritual guidance and transformation from the Pagan community. I wondered if my readers would see a parallel.
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December 2013: 'The Dark Mother Speaks'
AS WE APPROACH the longest night of the year, I contemplate what this season truly represents. According to many pagan traditions, winter is the “crone time” of year. The crone represents not only age and wisdom, but also the mysteries of death. I like to think of her as the Dark Mother, she who stands at the tomb to lay the dead to rest.
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January 2014: Anger and the Culture of Positivity
IN OUR CULTURE TODAY, there is an emphasis on having a “positive attitude.” We are told that negative emotions are detrimental to our functioning in society and that it is imperative to put on a “happy face” at all times. This insistence that we must stay positive surrounds us on all sides...
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February 2014: Reinventing the Wheel
THE PAGAN WHEEL of the year is comprised of eight Sabbats or holidays. They are the two solstices, the two equinoxes and the four points or cross-quarters in-between. While the symbology contained within each observance is drawn from ancient European cultures, most of what is considered modern pagan practice was co-opted from scholarly works by a few key authors beginning in the early 1900s.
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March 2014: Finding the Lesson
MANY PAGAN GROUPS or teaching covens consist of three levels. While the timing is not always exactly the same with every coven or every student, after a year and a day an initiation can be expected as a graduation to the next level of study. But what happens at the end of the year when a student feels they are ready for initiation, but the teacher doesn’t? 
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April 2014: Keepers of the Taboo
RECENTLY the city of Minneapolis enacted a new ordinance for massage licensure. It is clear, based on the language, that the intention is to target and eliminate prostitutes posing as therapists. While I applaud the city in its attempt to fix this problem, it does not address the real issue. 
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May 2014: Rabbit Whole of the Law
RECENTLY, Kenny Klein — author, teacher and musician — was arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography. 
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